Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Local Authorities, Statutory Undertakers or other public bodies can compulsorily acquire an interest in property using powers of compulsory acquisition.

We are experienced in acting for leaseholders or freeholders especially in blocks of flats that have been earmarked for demolition and re-development by a Local Authority.

Our valuation report will give the value of the interest in property being acquired.  You are entitled to receive compensation for the loss of this interest. We also calculate any compensation for severance or injurious affection you may be entitled to.

We advise on the compensation you are entitled to receive for disturbance or other losses or costs you are forced to incur as a result of the compulsory acquisition.

Our fixed fee for providing you with a valuation report for Compulsory Purchase and Compensation purposes is in the region of £1,000 plus VAT. Our fee for undertaking the negotiations on your behalf with the Acquiring Authority and for dealing with the Tribunal aspects is at our charging rate of £200 plus VAT per hour. The Acquiring Authority is responsible for reimbursing your surveyor’s fees that have been reasonably incurred. We would therefore liaise with the Acquiring Authority regarding the reimbursement of our fees. Any dispute regarding our fee may be referred to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) just like any other disputed item of claim.