RICS Building Surveys and RICS HomeBuyer Service

Building Surveys

This is a fairly lengthy and detailed report that is tailored to your particular requirements. It provides comprehensive details of the property’s construction, materials, uses, and defects. It includes a detailed assessment of the condition of the property and provides technical advice on problems and on remedial works.

This report is ideal for any residential or commercial or other property of any size or type or construction and in any condition.

Our Building Survey Report will contain the Market Value of the property in its current condition and the Building Reinstatement Cost Assessment of the property for Insurance purposes. The Building Survey Report will also contain pictures of the property and the defects and the estimate of the costs for carrying out the repair works to the property.

We recommend that a Building Survey is undertaken prior to purchasing a residential or commercial property or taking on the lease of commercial premises.

Our Building Survey will cover all reasonably accessible parts of the property from the top to the bottom. The report will be arranged on an elemental basis under headings such as roof, chimney stacks, rainwater fittings, walls, structural movement, dampness, timber defects, floors, etc. For commercial leases, our Building Survey reports act as a thorough schedule of the condition of the property at the inception of the lease.

The Building Survey report can also be used as a bargaining tool to renegotiate a reduction of the agreed purchase price of the property. For commercial leases the Building Survey report can be used to renegotiate a reduction in the agreed rental and an increase in the rent free period.

RICS HomeBuyer Service

This has been designed as an economy service by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. It is suited to conventional properties that are apparently in a reasonable condition. It is priced mid-range – more expensive and detailed than a Valuation Report, but cheaper and less detailed than a Building Survey. It is produced in a standard format with the main objectives of giving clients the professional advice which will assist them:

  • To make a reasoned and informed decision on whether or not to proceed with the purchase,
  • To assess at what price it would be reasonable to purchase the property,
  • To take account of any repairs or replacements the property needs,
  • To be clear what decisions and actions should be taken before contracts are exchanged.

The report covers the inside and outside of the building, the services and the site and includes:

  • details of the general condition and particular features of the property;
  • colour-coded condition ratings for elements of the structure of the building, the services and any garages and permanent outbuildings;
  • particular points you should refer to your legal advisers;
  • specific risks associated with the property;
  • other relevant considerations – for example, the location, the local environment and the energy performance of the property (if this information is available).

Any defects that the surveyor considers do not need repairing or replacing, or any minor matters that do not affect the value of the property, are generally not included in the report.

The report will include the Market Value of the property and a reinstatement cost assessment of the property for buildings insurance purposes.